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DMAE Facts – skin cream that firms your skin

Until now, a limitation of anti aging skin care products was that they have had no effect on sagging skin. Dr. Perricone, and several other skin researchers have shown that DMAE has a firming effect on facial and neck tissue. and helps diminish fine lines around the eyes and mouth. DMAEskin cream also boosts other antioxidants, resulting in increased brightness, smoothness, and wrinkle reduction. DMAE also acts as a membrane stabilizer, and can even help erase and prevent age and liver spots.

DMAE is short for the tongue twisting word dimethylaminoethanol.

DMAE helps stabilize cell membranes protecting them from free-radical damage, and helping them expel waste and hold onto valuable skin enhancing nutrients. Cell membrane degradation has been proposed as one of the prime mechanisms of skin aging.

DMAE is the immediate precursor to choline. Choline is then converted to phosphatidylcholine; which aids in the building and repair process of cell membranes. It is choline.

DMAE also has positive affects on red blood cells. It helps prevent sludging or clumping of red blood cells and makes more of them available for carrying oxygen to the tissues. DMAE is great for the brain and central nervous system, and one of the best sources for obtaining it, is in fish – natures brain food.

In addition to dramatically improving the appearance of sagging skin, the use of a DMAE skin cream also boosts other antioxidants, resulting in increased brightness, smoothness, and wrinkle reduction.

DMAE is an especially effective skin care product for tightening and firming skin of the face, neck and body; as well reducing or eliminating fine lines around the eyes, and above and below the lips; and is also the main ingredient in lip plumping skincare products.

When choosing a skin care cream, DMAE is only one of many important anti aging ingredients. Recent research has uncovered several key new anti aging ingredients besides DMAE that can firm your skin, erase wrinkles and fine lines -- Plus remove bags and puffiness; while also adding brightness and radiance to your aging skin.

"After researching all the DMAE skincare products, we finally chose Rejuvenex as our #1 choice."

REJUVENEX is our 1st pick for best anti aging skin cream.
Rejuvenex DMAE Cream

Rejuvenex is loaded with all the hottest ingredients including:

DMAE, Ester C,
RNA, DNA, hydrolyzed collagen, kinetin, beta glucan alpha-lipoic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin E,and many more…

Discover why Rejuvenex is the Best Anti-Aging Cream on the market today!!


REJUVENEX contains DMAE and 25 other documented skin restorative agents, making it the most potent of the anti aging skin care products on the market today.

Dr. Perricone, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller "The Wrinkle Cure", mentions that the following skin care ingredients, DMAE , glycolic acid, alpha-lipoic acid, and ascorbyl palmitate as the most important youth enhancing anti wrinkle ingredients. Every one of these ingredients and many more are in REJUVENEX

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